Ensure Basic Knowledge in Every Technical and Cultural Areas Under the Training of Skilled or Expertised Students / Faculties in the Campuses.


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We’re focusing mainly tech areas and we have a detailed cultural sessions as wel.

Students can Select based on their interest from the wide variety of the Courses…


Experience is the ultimate thing for any of the skill so we have to make up the same using different platforms like Us..!


Education means not only the learning but also through teaching we can improve our Knowledge level from the students around us..!


Each of the course we provide real time Certificate for using their Future usage. And our certification is valid for most of the Companies.

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We are the First Ever Platform which uses the In-Campus potential for the assistance and our trainers has the option of being as an intern in ShareInfo.

Best Industry Leaders

Our trainers are the Best in class in their own field and they were associating with multiple freelance authorities as well.

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We does'nt have any timing or any particular mode of operation.
you can choose your own mode and your convenient Timing.

Professional Certification

Our detailed courses are very proffessional and the assistance by our experts are also the best in it's own segment.
So our certification is little special.


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"Tech knowledge Loaded Students are Unlimited in the Campus, but finding them are difficult one. That's why the importants of a Platforms like ShareInfo, They Have All Potential To be Success."
Mr. Dinil Dananjayan
(Asst. Professor CE-TLY & Chief Faculty Adviser ShareInfo CE-TLY)
"Main issue of any Tech oriented Campuses are, There is no any discussion and innovation on the Technical Areas in the case of Common Students, That's where the Platform like ShareInfo can Shine"
Dr. Umesh P
(IEDC Nodal Officer & Asst. Professor CE-TLY)
"Peer to peer learning from the Students will be More Engaging than the Sessions from the Teachers. It will be an perfect study pattern for the Professional Students, ShareInfo is making a Connection with students who is ready to gain and someone who is ready to share".
Mr. Jithendra K B
(HOD Dept. of ECE & Faculty Advisor ShareInfo)
"Knowledge Sharing is the ultimate than Everything. Most of the case most of us doesn't have a correct platform for the same. ShareInfo is filling that Gap for the Ultimate Learning Method"
Mr. Jinesh S
(In charge AECES & Asst. Professor Dept. of ECE)
"Learning is not only from the classrooms but also it's from Surroundings and Friends too. But this Opportunity Doesn't used properly by the students. ShareInfo can be as a guide for the Learning out of Classrooms"
Mr. Vyshakh
( Asst. Professor Dept of ME & Staff Advisor ShareInfo)